A year on since the drop of their latest EP featuring Vincent Marlice, Berlin-based duo Acado reemerges on A Tribe Called Kotori with their anticipated new EP, ‚Pathfinder‘. True to their hedonistically all-embracing signature, meshing fragments of folk-infused techno and house, electro-acoustic bravura, Afro-funk-y swing and oriental mysticism, the pair shows off the width of their talents yet again.

Soaked in a straight out balearic kind of ambience with its languid guitar riffs and coastal vibes pouring on a drip-tease flex, ‚I Walk‘ melds a sense of Latin sensuality with a hi-tech feel to perfection, enticing us into a slo-burning dance around the bonfire. In the hands of Überhaupt & Außerdem, the track reveals a further woozy affair at first, extrapolating the original’s already dreamy character, then shifting gears and inoculating it with an extra dose of rugged machinic uproar and bassy horsepower for optimal floor-destroying effect. Recorded in collaboration with Hindustani folk singer Bawari Basanti, ‚Payalia‘ bridges the gap between a surgical 4×4 engineering and traditional Indian music, framing Basanti’s fervent vocals in a vivid and lush, cross-cultural electronic tableau, unfolding its sitar motifs and raucous bass moves with acute panache and haunting soulfulness.