Rusted Rose

Merchant of silken-textured, smokey grooves and moiré house patterns folding out in kaleidoscopic motion, New-York-via-Berlin based label staple Nhii returns to ATCK with his eagerly anticipated next airing, „Rusted Rose“.

Championing a mix of style-transcending soulfulness and proper suave DJ-friendly swagger, the US-born producer treats us to a compellingly opaque, incense-shrouded slab of slo-burning electronics, bending the scope deftly from Easternmost to Mediterranean folk tropes on the overtly hedonistic title-track. Combining traditional Gypsy brass and Sicilian mandolinata with a seductive forward-tugging bass geared up for extensive action down in Ibiza, Nhii shows off the width of his vision and sample-heavy skillset, tailoring the kind of uniquely sensual, electro-acoustic adjacent weapon you can’t help but returning to, encore et encore.

On „Carn Menyn“, Nhii opts for a different approach, still infusing his blends in a thick concoction of Latin melodies and tribal-laced rhythms throughout the poignant breaks that punctuate the journey, then giving full room for his hi-octane, heavily processed synth swashes and inch-perfectly woven programming to expand when the drop hits. Nimbly walking that fine line between timeless communion and future-facing, tech-powered abandon, Nhii offers one of his most strikingly mature efforts to date, a definite benchmark for his sound to build around and continue to unravel its supremely heady, soul-fulfilling flavours.