Former Berlin-based duo turned one-man unit BONDI debuts on A Tribe Called Kotori with ATCK025, an assortment of wave, Italo and electro-pop informed joints sounding like the perfect soundtrack to a cabriolet ride down the strip, ready to get bumped out loud as your engine revs and roars its way past indistinct swashes of flickering casino signs and dazzling front beams.

Presented in both integral and „short edit“ versions, the all-out catchy single Head Over featuring Sinus on vocals sets the wheels in motion with a deft mix of fuzzy, solar-powered synths and raucous bass riffs hovering ominously; making an all-too fitting frame for Sinus warm yet brittle timbre. Going full-on instrumental with J Arcade, BONDI couples the incendiary power of a funk-oozing slap bass with an EBM-ish type of unrelenting swing. The result is an irresistible comber geared for optimal floor traction, tinged with a hint of cosmic-friendly spaciousness thatll leave you in a state of half-dazed, half-thrilled kind of headspace.