This will be the first official collaboration as a duo even though they have DJed together for many years since meeting at a university party in the Netherlands in 2017. We both went to the same school and connected for the first time playing for a
student house party. The bond was instant, and we stayed friends ever since. Adds Vander. There were no underground parties in the city we were living in, so we created the Delft Underground Movement, the only electronic music event there.

In 2020 we decided that it was time for us to properly work on an EP. We worked on multiple tracks and combined these three for our first release. This EP is the result of a beautiful 4-year friendship, filled with endless support and growth. The enigmatic Dominicans sound blurs the lines between Afro-Latin, Synthwave and dark Disco with blissful ease. Vanders spirit is unapologetically authentic. Equally, Saudades exotic heritage – born in India and living now in Belgium – has exposed him to a wide sonic palette such that he cites cinematic and classical music luminaries Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Sultan Khan among his influences. A deeply introspective soul, his lifes journey is to find his place in the universe through his music. Hypnotic and melancholy.

Opening with Binha those afro rhythms Vander loves are front and center playfully intermixed with floaty sonics and summery piano. A real treat for the ears. On Freedom snappy percussion and a broken beat create an electro vibe Detroit would be proud of. Melodics add a touch of class and a real cinematic feel. Finally, going back to the roots of electronic music, Binha gets a 90s rave makeover complete with soaring pads, Amen break and an overall feeling of joy and hopefulness. They tell us this is the start of something special, and on this evidence, we cant wait to
hear more!