Fabian Krooss


Fourth and final instalment in the lead up to the release of Fabian Krooss‘ debut LP, here comes ‚Phoenix‘. Featuring Leipzig’s Frida Darko on vocals and Stil vor Talent boss Oliver Koletzki on remix duty, this new single finds Krooss doing what he does best, i.e. shooting for the stars with his seamless mix of bleached-out boogie, loungey summertime vibes and cross-pollinated funk. Pumping out an exquisite blend of sluggish house jack alongside archetypal Andalusian flavours and bass-driven manoeuvres, ‚Phoenix‘ ticks all the boxes of a festival season-ready chugger, geared and ready for the laid-back dancefloor hustle-and-bustle ahead, whether your feet are buried into a sleek blanket of white sand or ritually tapping the floor in some lushly-forested oasis of green. In the hands of Koletzki, ‚Phoenix‘ gathers optimum floor momentum, as it slightly revs up the tempo and frames Darko’s mesmeric vocals into a proper DJ-friendly 4×4 gridlock. Emphasizing on the playful character of its cascading synth chords and enhancing the original’s elastic bass bounce to irresistible effect, the Stil vor Talent captain sends us right into orbit. Krooss‘ maiden full-length fantasy coming in hot, you’ve been warned.