Fabian Krooss


Second extract taken from Fabian Krooss‘ upcoming album ‚Colorfuel‘, to be released in 2024, here comes his fun and cheeky new number, ‚Coquin‘. Showing a different facet of his funky skillset, this new iteration moves the cursor halfway hip-swaying bass music and circus-like boogie, carving its niche at the junction of Latin rhythms and sample-heavy, glitch programming. Infused with Cuban jazz flavours and hip-hop-laced syncopations, the title-track finds Krooss at his most playful and endearingly light-hearted. Beaming up unadulterated joy and sunrays across its six minute-ish ride, ‚Coquin‘ bounces back and forth, ushering us into a jam-packed hacienda where the thick volutes of freshly lit havanas coalesce with the exhilarating scent of ron. Fanfare brass blazing, we’re effortlessly routed into a sun-drenched decor where rolling piano stabs and fevered drums call the tune. Living up to its title, ‚Move Your Booty‘ relies on a slightly more laid-back melody and further languid swing, like the intimate and nocturnal match to Krooss‘ lead single. The palette here is akin to that of ‚Coquin‘ but squeezed into a different juice, smoothly jacking, better tasted played as a transitional weapon given its balmy nature and heavy-lidded swagger. Perfect for when the moon and sun cohabit high up the sky, and ravers throw their ultimate forces into a final raid down the dance floor. „Coquin“ indeed.