RAMMÖ & Spaniol

Pegasi Cinqo

Taking over with their much anticipated debut on A Tribe Called Kotori, RAMMÖ and Spaniol are at it again on their second collaborative project, ‚Pegasi Cinqo‘. Respectively based out of the South of France and New York, Rammö & Spaniol are that power unit of talents that causes sparks to fly. Infused with both their own personal backgrounds and origins – one having roots in Spain, the other in Brazil, this first instalment from the duo on our platform oozes with that Latin warmth at heart and groovy suavity that simply can’t leave one cold. Inspired by their performance at the Polygon stage during last year’s edition of Wonderfruit festival in Thailand — a very special stage complete with a 360-degree sound system and bespoke light works — which left a durable impression on them, Rammö and Spaniol were inspired to try and reignite these sentiments into actual compositions that translate both the nostalgic elation and bliss felt in this moment in time. Now for everyone to enjoy.

Both fruits of the same palette, ‚Quinta Vida‘ and ‚Pegasi Leque‘ share instrumental similarities, especially in the use of the flamenco-style guitars, which as the duo underlines serve as a unifying element. A forward-moving, hip-shaking roller, ‚Quinta Vida‘ blazes with the vibrant colors that innervate their tracks and mutual feelings of love and respect Rammö and Spaniol have for one another both as artists and friends. Nimbly walking the tightrope between Andalusian hedonism and loungey house vibrations on a silky balearic tip, it’s an elegantly woven, after-ready flower of sound that blooms with every bar. More of a tinted, sensual weapon for the in-between hours, ‚Pegasi Leque‘ reels out a dynamic train-like chug associated with Spanish guitar riffs and FX-drenched syncopations. Like the nocturnal match to ‚Quinta Vida‘ and its heavenly solar ambience, this one casts a spell of night-loving eroticism with its nearly whispered vocal part enticing us down the path of lace-clad fleshliness. Steamy business.