Madmotormiquel, Amount


Taking over for our next transmission, here comes special disco forces Nayan Soukie, alias Amount, and fellow A Tribe Called Kotori affiliate, Madmotormiquel (check out his 2022-released ripper ‚Bombo‘ if you haven’t). Responsible for a stream of choice outings on their own imprint, URSL, and noteworthy detours through our good friends Katermukke’s dedicated platform and Gerd Janson’s seminal disco house haven Running Back, the pair clocks in with their collaborative debut on the label, ‚Holiday‘ – a straight out bouncy fruit born in confinement and painstakingly polished into the blazing trio of heaters it is today over the last few months.

All in curvy syncopations and flashy, neon-woven envelopes, ‚Lifou‘ breaks the EP in with undeniable punch and chromatic vibrancy. Engineering a fine mix of brightly hued arps and earwormy bass set against a prog-friendly momentum, Amount and Madmotormiquel let their implacable sense of the groove and intricate tune-making do the talk. Trading the roundness of the opener’s bounce for a more angular take, ‚Amedee‘ breathes in a Detroit-ish influence to its driving build-up as flocks of crisp hats, volatile snares and incendiary bass coalesce to eruptively smashing effect. True to its idyllic name, the final number ‚Ouvea‘ takes us on a journey across cerulean skylines and endless strips of white sands. Infused with a healthy dose of balearic abstraction, slo-burning electronica tropes and full-blown disco vox lines, the track has us drifting in-limbo serene all-blue Edens and a steamy sweatbox. The ultimate Ibizean house / balearic funk weapon, just let the groove get in.