Nhii & Shrii & B.o.T

Brooklyn Serenity

Following up to his epic tune from 2019, „Magneto“, SVT alum Nhii surfaces this spring on A Tribe Called Kotori with his latest solo instalment, „Brooklyn Serenity“. True to his free-flowing, widescreen approach towards production and life in general, Nhii (No Human Is Illegal) telekinetically escorts his listener onto a path of vibrant sensual psychedelia and eclectic wizardry that lack neither spirit nor oomph.

As totemic silhouettes blend into a goosebump-inducing tapestry of polyrhythmic drums and stealth electronics, the opening cut „The Light Inside“ – featuring Shrii’s suave vocals – invites you to a whirling carnival of bleepin‘ and bloopin‘ extravaganza, packed to the brim with that trademark Nhii soulful punch. The further syncopated „Xylem“ picks up the torch with swagger and attitude, pulling out a playful distillate of warm Jewish jazz clarinet, freq-shifting bass and frolicsome drums to satisfyingly deep yet dynamic effect.

Hopping in on remix duty, B.o.T unbridles the original’s horsepower with extra focus and emphasis on DJ use. Repurposed for no-nonsense dance floor traction, „Xylem“ proves a highly efficient energy-booster while retaining all of Nhii’s refined melodic touch and laid-back, smokey jazz vibes. Premium material for the jockeys out there, yes, but with that cracking, all-natural strut of Nhii we dig so much.