Landing their debut joint effort on A Tribe Called Kotori, on-the-rise talents Elias Doré and Robin Sukroso teamed up to deliver a proper sparkling sample of their introspectively deep and versatile sound palette, as much dedicated to rocking dance floors – especially when the after clocks, as the three cuts here-pushed can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or on the go, no matter the hour and place.

Known for his hypnotic momentums and stadium-sized electro blends, Doré has found a perfect match in Berlins „most unusual live DJ as Sukroso likes to picture himself, he who uses the guitar as his sole stage companion. The result of their bold undertaking forms the backbone to ATCK022 – a three-tracker most essentially building bridges between riff-strewn audio escapism and jockey-friendly rhythms and grooves.

The forward-moving Cloudflare draws first with a fine concoction of melancholic downtempo and arpeggiated electronica on a washed-out folk tip. A slice of balearic heaven, Cascade Highway rounds it off on a further sentimental yet dynamic note. A vibrantly-hued journey of its own, oozing a fragrant elixir of classic Andalusian strings, powerhouse kicks and sun-bleached ambient all at once. Dorés solo Arpinsaw then brings the jacking, bass-heavy vibe back to the foreground with a tribal-infused rollercoaster meshing seesawing synths and adrenaline-charged conga onslaughts.