LeGram present ‚Arabesque, a 5 track EP masquerading as a trans-dimensional portal with the door left slightly ajar.

Sparkling synths zig zag between ravey stabs in the titular ‚Arabesque, an exotic flirtation of with aural influences that span worlds. Grandeur is not an illusion in ‚Arius Indi, a piano-heavy track which meanders through hallways of machined grooves and syrupy breakdowns. Equal parts past, present and future, ‚Road to Ancestors is poetic, ambient techno reduced to a slow simmer.

Nature-tech mavericks Hot Oasis take ‚Arius Indi and layer cloudy synths with deep exhalations into dreamy string-led interludes. DJ and producer Maxxim delivers his special brand of dancefloor know-how, lending a weightier vibe to his ‚Arabesque‘ remix with a solid dose of frenetic kineticism.

Dance like the world is dancing with you, drift yourself into the sounds of the majesty of now.