With their ‚Hypnos‘ EP, the Berliner duo Acado join the Kotori Tribe for a wonderfully wonky exploration of time and space, unlocking a transcendent state of hypnosis by way of two mesmerizing originals and a pair of contrasting remixes by Nhii and Timboletti.

Both the title-track ‚Hypnos‘ and its sister cut ‚Hera‘ are low-slung chuggers of the finest calibre. While Acado foster an out-of-body experience guided by deep dub chords and lopsided synths on the latter, their kalimba kiss and neon horn drama lure you into the epicenter of ecstasy on the former.

On his masterful rework of ‚Hypnos‘, New Yorker Nhii then ups the tempo and dynamic tension without losing sight of the original’s spellbinding core. Meanwhile, Timboletti takes the opposite route on his entrancing ‚Morgenglühen & Sektballet‘ version of ‚Hera‘ a true ode to that early-morning floor-feeling we all know so well and miss so dearly. With tracks like these, it remains tangible.